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HUAWEI Band 9 lightweight Smart Watch (Sleep & Health Management / Up to 2-Week Battery Life)

Huawei introduced another lightweight wearable Huawei Band 9 to its current successor Band 8. It is an ultra-thin fitness-focused smartwatch with a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen, compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and two weeks of battery backup (180 mAh).

Huawei Band 9 Smartwatch Image

Need to know about the new Huawei Band 9.

The Huawei Band 9 has a rectangular shape dial and weighs around 14gm. Its slim design of 43mm x 9mm x 25mm (Length x Width X Height) makes it very comfortable to wear.

It has a 1.47-inch AMOLED touch bright display and one physical button mounted on the side of the watch for on/off and access to all features.

The Huawei Band 9 will come in five different color shades including Blue, White, Black, Pink, and Yellow. Also, its rubber & woven antibacterial yarn strap gives a pretty stylish look (only in the blue model) and a softer experience than its previous version.

Huawei Band 9 Smartwatch Colors
Huawei Band 9 Smartwatch

Technology Features:

Previously Band 8 had a six-axis motion whereas the new Huawei Band 9 comes with a nine-axis motion sensor. As per Huawei, users can also precisely monitor swimming and overall workout activities as it supports water resistance up to 50 meters deep.

For connectivity band 9 featured with Bluetooth, WiFi, Fitness Tracker.

The Band 9 also has an ambient light sensor that automatically maintains display brightness depending on the surrounding light to gain battery life.

In terms of pricing, Huawei Band 9 will be available somewhere around $60, which is nearly around its predecessor Band 8.

It is not yet decided when this smartwatch will be available Globally but expected to be available in Q3-2024.

HUAWEI Band 9 smartwatch FAQ

  1. What is screen size of Huawei Band 9 smartwatch?

    Ans: The HUAWEI Band 9 smartwatch is comes with 1.47-inch AMOLED display, and in square shape.

  2. In how many colors Huawei Band 9 available?

    Ans: This smart band 9 comes in 5 colors like Blue, White, Black, Pink, and Yellow. this smart band looks vibrant in these colors and feel special with multiple strap options like rubber and antibacterial yarn strap.

  3. Can i Use Band 9 while diving or swimming?

    Ans: Yes of course, you can enjoy swimming/diving while with band 9 as it has very good water resistance capability till 50 meters depth.

  4. How much is the battery backup Huawei band 9 gives?

    Ans: It gives up to nine days power backup with normal use. but company claims 14 days battery backup at extent.