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How to Pay Exit Re-Entry VISA fees using AL-Rajhi App?

When you obtain the IQama in Saudi Arabia and want to travel outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he/she should opt for an exit re-entry visa, this VISA requires a fee payment to issue an exit re-entry VISA. This VISA has a different duration from 30 days to 1080 days, and you can choose your option as per requirement (Fees for 30 & 60 days are the same as SAR 200 whereas the longer duration fee may vary). This page outlines the procedure to pay exit re-entry fees online using the Al-Rajhi Bank app or Website.

How to pay Exit Re-Entry Visa Fees Online: Al-Rajhi Bank App/Website

01: Login to your Al-Rajhi Account using App, you will be landed on home screen of Al-Rajhi bank App/website.

02: Once you landed on bank account Dashboard, on dashboard page your will see Payments in bottom of the dashboard. Select “Payments”.

Al-Rajhi Bank App dashboard
Al-Rajhi Bank App dashboard

03: You will be landed on Services page, Select Government Payment.

Al-Rajhi Bank App GP services

04: Click on “RESIDENTS SERVICES” under passport services categories list at bottom.

Al-Rajhi Bank App GP services

05: Select Exit Re-Entry visa (Single) or Select Exit Re-Entry visa (Multiple) based on your requirement.

Al-Rajhi Bank App VISA type

06: Enter IQAMA ID and select VISA DURATION from drop down (You can automatically fetch your IQAMA ID by clicking MY ID, it will automatically fill your IQAMA ID from Absher Database).

Al-Rajhi Bank App VISA & Iqama

07: Click on Confirm, respective amount will be deducted from your Al-Rajhi bank account based on selected duration.

Once amount paid, you will require to send payment slip to your employer to generate the Exit Re-Entry VISA. Once employer/sponsor company generate your Exit Re-Entry VISA you can travel/transit any time within the period of VISA duration.

How to pay Exit Re-Entry VISA fee using Al-Rajhi Bank ATM?

Use the following steps to pay Exit Re-Entry VISA in Al-Rajhi ATM

  • Insert your Debit Card
  • Choose your preferred language: English or Arabic.
  • Enter your 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • Go to Main Menu.
  • Choose option SADAD and Utility Payment.
  • Select the SADAD option.
  • Choose MOI.
  • Select the option Alien Control.
  • You will see Exit Re-Entry Single or Exit Re-Entry Multiple options (choose as per your requirement).
  • Click on Pay.
  • Enter your valid Iqama number for which an Exit Re-Entry VISA is required.
  • Click on press here if correct
  • Select the duration of the exit re-entry visa from the available option list.
  • Click on Pay Exact
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Done.